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Islamabad Travel Guide: Explore the City with Rental Car

If you have just arrived to explore the breathtaking views of Islamabad, we welcome you to this exciting blog. Located at the heart of Pakistan, Islamabad prides itself for a blend of historical culture as well as symbol of modernity amongst the rest of the cities. This majestic city is home to a number of prime government-owned buildings, lush green spaces, a well-planned network of roads and fancy restaurants. 

From one of the biggest mosques in Pakistan, Faisal Mosque to scenic beauty of Daman-e-Koh, the city offers tourist attractions for a number of such places. Either you are a tourist or a resident of Islamabad, you would never want to miss out on these cultural landmarks. 

If you want to plan your trip around the city and make the most of your visit, we at GoRide are excited to help you guide through it. In this Islamabad travel guide we will take you to all must-see-places in Islamabad to make your tour one of the unforgettable experiences. 

So, let’s get started!

Why Choose Rental Cars?

While you plan to move around the city, let’s discuss the benefits of traveling in a rental car rather than owning a personal car. With its magnificent views, you can visit on public transport or even rent a car so you can explore at your own pace. A rent-a-car service offers you a lot of freedom along with convenience to visit as many places you would want to, thereby, hiring a car for once only. 

Another significant feature of rent a car service is its variety of cars available to choose from. Either you need a Suzuki Alto, Wagon R, a Swift or Cultus, Honda City or Corolla, a Hiace or a Coaster, all you need is to hire a rental car service to hit the road. Also, such services are budget-friendly. Because you would get to ride on the luxury cars for just a few thousand rupees.  

We, at GoRide, are excited to offer our best car rental solution in Islamabad. With our convenient rent a car service, we provide you with cars at your desired time and location. Thus, with us, you can minimize the risk of public transportation. GoRide, with its cost-friendly packages offers a comfortable and luxurious car ride service with extensive traveling solutions. 

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Islamabad Travel Guide

With a well-planned network of roads, Islamabad is known for its scenic routes. Considering the roadmap of Islamabad, following are some of the points to keep in mind. 

Since different areas of Islamabad are divided into various sectors. Every sector has its own roadmap, these roads connect different parts of the city altogether. What makes Islamabad different from other areas is its well-maintained road infrastructure. These roads lead you to your destination in an easy manner and are quite easy to drive through. 

There is no doubt that traffic rules are strictly observed in Islamabad to keep up with the flow of traffic. Therefore, being an outsider, you should never forget about wearing a seat-belt and strictly avoid using a mobile phone. 

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Must-Visit-Tourist Attractions In Islamabad

Now that you have understood the rules and regulations, let’s take you on a ride to the popular places in Islamabad. Fasten your seatbelts to ride through this journey!

Margalla Hills: A Natural Paradise Awaits!

With its magnificent beauty, the top of Margalla Hills presents a sightful scene through the National Park. Margalla Hills stands tall for its breathtaking views of the entire capital city to be driven through. So be ready to get amazed in Margalla Hills National Park. 

Lok Virsa Museum: A Walk Towards History

Are you someone really into history, wanting to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan? The Lok Virsa Museum is a must place for you to dig deeper into the cultural art and craft. As you step into the halls of the museum, you would feel as if you were being transported back into time.

Pakistan Monument: Symbol of National Pride

You might have heard of the Pakistan Monument, which is shaped like a blossoming flower. It is known for its uniqueness and symbolizes patriotism. Lying a few kilometers away from Margalla Hills, the architectural marvel stands for its magnificent design to attract the tourists.

Rawal Lake: A Place With Ultimate Serenity

Stopping by Rawal Lake could relieve you. Since it offers activities such as boating to help you get absorbed into the serenity of water. Its natural beauty also offers an immense sense of relief, calm and peacefulness that you would really want to have a walk with your friend here. 

Shah Faisal Mosque: An Architectural Marvel

Last but not the least, Shah Faisal Mosque known for its iconic architecture is your prime destination while visiting Islamabad. The mosque doesn’t have religious significance. But it is also known for its blend of modern design with traditional Islamic architecture in Islamic community. 

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Bottom Lines 

Wrapping up our discussion on Islamabad travel guide, your tour to our rental car service promises to be a memorable experience. With a blend of architectural marvels, you can explore as many forms of culture and traditions as you would want to. The city prides itself as a center for architectural designs with a mix of cultural flavor. Hence, with GoRide Pk you would just not tap into an ordinary ride. But also you will immerse yourself in its prominence as a symbol of modernity. 

So, ride on our luxurious yet affordable cars to get absorbed in tradition and create memories to cherish forever. 


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