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One-Day Trip Places Near Islamabad

Escape the hustle and bustle of Islamabad and embark on a journey to nearby destinations that offer a much-needed break from the fast-paced city life. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking some peace and serenity, numerous one-day trip places near Islamabad offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, and relaxation.

In this blog, we will uncover these one day trip places near Islamabad including what to prepare before the trip and how to arrange transportation (in other words, how to get the best car rental deals in Islamabad/Rawalpindi) so that you can find all the information in one place. 

One-Day Trip Places Near Islamabad

1. Khanpur Dam

Situated about 40 kilometers from Islamabad, Khanpur Dam is not just a reservoir but a refuge of calmness amidst the Margalla Hills. This artificial lake not only provides water to Islamabad but also serves as a recreational spot. And is the best one-day trip places near Islamabad. The vast expanse of water surrounded by hills makes it an ideal location for a day trip. Visitors can engage in various water sports, including boating and jet skiing. If you prefer a more relaxing experience, plan a picnic and enjoy the serenity of the place.

2. Rawal Lake

A mere 15-minute drive from the heart of Islamabad, Rawal Lake is an artificial reservoir that offers a perfect blend of nature and urbanity. Surrounded by lush greenery, the lake provides a picturesque setting for a day out. Boating facilities are available for those who want to explore the lake up close. Lakeside restaurants offer a delightful culinary experience with a backdrop of serene waters and hills.

3. Taxila

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Taxila is a journey back in time. Located around 40 kilometers from Islamabad, Taxila is an archaeological treasure trove that narrates the tales of the Gandhara civilization. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taxila boasts well preserved ruins, stupas, and monasteries. The Taxila Museum further enhances the experience by showcasing artifacts from the region.

4. Patriata (New Murree)

If you desire the charm of Murree without the bustling crowds, Patriata, also known as New Murree, is your answer. Situated approximately 60 kilometers from Islamabad, Patriata offers breathtaking views, lush greenery, and a pleasant climate. The chair lifts provide a scenic ride, and the area is less crowded compared to its famous counterpart. It’s an excellent spot for those seeking calmness and natural beauty.

5. Hiking Trail to Monal

Adventure awaits on the hiking trail to Monal, situated in the Margalla Hills National Park. This moderate hike offers not only a physical challenge but also stunning views of Islamabad and its surroundings. After a refreshing hike, reward yourself with a meal at the iconic Monal Restaurant, situated on top of the hills, providing a panoramic view of the city.

6. Faisal Mosque

A trip to Faisal Mosque is a must for anyone in Islamabad, even though it’s not a typical day trip destination. As the largest mosque in Pakistan, its unique modern architecture and peaceful surroundings create a contemplative atmosphere. The vast courtyard and the view of the Margalla Hills make it an excellent spot for a stroll and reflection.

7. Shakarparian Park

Nestled at the base of the Margalla Hills, Shakarparian Park is a family friendly destination that offers a break from the urban hustle. The well maintained gardens, sculptures, and a beautiful view of Islamabad make it a perfect spot for a relaxed afternoon picnic. The park also hosts cultural events and festivals, adding a touch of vibrancy to the surroundings.

8. Kahuta

For those seeking a scenic drive and a taste of local culture, Kahuta is an excellent choice. Located about 70 kilometers from Islamabad, the town is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Take a leisurely drive, visit nearby lakes, and explore the charming town known for its hospitality and local delicacies.

9. Kalar Kahar

Nature enthusiasts will find comfort in the beauty of Kalar Kahar, approximately 120 kilometers from Islamabad. The saltwater lake and surrounding hills create a mesmerizing landscape, making it an excellent spot for photography. The area is also known for its greenery and serene environment, providing a refreshing retreat.

10. Kallar Syedan

Welcome to the rustic charm of Kallar Syedan, situated around 60 kilometers from Islamabad. The town offers a glimpse into traditional life with its small bazaars, historic sites, and warm hospitality. Take a stroll through the local markets, interact with the friendly locals, and savor the simplicity of life in this charming village.

11. Saidpur Village

Amidst the urban landscape of Islamabad, Saidpur Village stands as a cultural oasis. Located at the foothills of the Margalla Hills, this reconstructed village showcases local art, crafts, and a touch of history. Stroll through its narrow lanes, explore the quaint shops, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. The village also hosts cultural events, making it an engaging destination for a day trip.

12. Kurri Village

Tucked away from the hustle of city life, Kurri Village offers a peaceful escape. The village, known for its terraced fields and traditional houses, provides a unique experience of rural life. Interact with the locals, savor local cuisine, and revel in the simplicity of this charming village. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking an authentic and offbeat day trip experience.

What to Prepare Before the Trip

Before heading out on your one day adventure, it’s essential to be well prepared. Consider the following tips

Check the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure you’re prepared for any changes. Pack accordingly, whether it’s sunscreen and hats for a sunny day or jackets for cooler temperatures.

Pack a Picnic

Many of these destinations are perfect for picnics. Pack some snacks, water, and a picnic blanket for a delightful outdoor meal amidst nature.

Comfortable Clothing and Footwear

Depending on your chosen destination and planned activities, wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for walking or hiking.

Camera and Binoculars

Don’t forget your camera to capture the scenic views and binoculars for bird watching if you’re into nature exploration.

How to Arrange Transportation

The ease of transportation can significantly enhance your day trip experience. Consider the following options

Personal Vehicle

If you have your vehicle, plan your route in advance and ensure your vehicle is in good condition. This provides flexibility in exploring multiple destinations in a day.

Public Transportation

Some destinations are accessible by public transport. Check the schedules and routes, but be mindful of potential limitations in terms of time and accessibility.

Car Rental Services

Opting for a car rental service can be a convenient and comfortable choice. Companies like GoRide.Pk offer a hassle-free car rental experience. You can choose the type of vehicle that suits your needs and enjoy the flexibility of exploring at your own pace.


In conclusion, these one day trip places near Islamabad cater to diverse preferences, whether you seek adventure, history, or simply a day of relaxation. With the right preparations and reliable transportation, your one day trip to places near Islamabad can be a memorable and stress-free experience. So, pack your essentials, book your vehicle with GoRide.PK, and embark on an adventure to explore the wonders waiting just beyond the city limits!


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