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Average Per Day Cost of Renting a Car in Pakistan 

Searching for a smart and affordable way to get around Pakistan? You’ve found it with GoRide! We’re here to show you why renting a car with GoRide.Pk is always the best car rental choice across Pakistan.

Our blog will break down the simple and low-cost average per day cost of Renting a Car in Pakistan with us. Find out how we make your travel easy on both your schedule and your budget. GoRide.Pk, your go-to option for smooth and pocket-friendly transportation in Pakistan!

Average Per Day Cost of Renting a Car in Pakistan 

The average per-day cost of renting a car in Pakistan depends on various factors, which are outlined below. 

Geographical Variation

The first and foremost factor impacting the average per-day cost of renting a car in Pakistan is the geographical location. Prices can vary significantly from region to region, with urban centers generally having higher rates compared to rural areas. 

Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Karachi, the historic sites of Lahore, or the scenic beauty of Swat Valley, be prepared for regional differences in rental expenses.

However, when it comes to GoRide, it stands out as one of the most affordable car rental services, regardless of geographical variations.

Urban vs. Rural Dynamics

Beyond geographical location, the distinction between urban and rural settings plays an important role in determining car rental costs, while renting a car in Pakistan. Urban areas often have a higher demand for rental services, leading to increased prices. 

On the other hand, in rural settings, where demand may be lower, you might find more budget-friendly options.

Car Type and Model

The type and model of the car you choose significantly impact the daily rental cost while renting a car in Pakistan. Luxury cars and SUVs tend to come with a higher rent compared to compact or economy options. 

Consider your travel needs and preferences carefully to strike the right balance between comfort and budget.

Rental Duration

The duration you intend to rent a car also affects the overall cost of renting a car in Pakistan. Rental companies often offer better daily rates for longer durations. Planning your schedule and estimating the length of your journey can help you optimize costs and secure a more economical deal.

Seasonal Demand

Peak travel seasons can influence car rental prices while renting a car in Pakistan, with high demand leading to increased rates. Planning your trip during off-peak times might not only provide a more peaceful travel experience but also result in more budget-friendly rental options.

Fuel Policies

Keep an eye on the fuel policies of rental companies. Some may provide a car with a full gas tank and vice versa. Understanding these policies helps in budgeting accurately.

Mileage Limits

Pay attention to mileage restrictions imposed by rental companies while renting a car in Pakistan. Exceeding the allotted mileage may result in extra charges. If you anticipate covering long distances, inquire about mileage policies and consider options that offer unlimited mileage.

Time of Booking

The timing of your reservation can influence prices too while renting a car in Pakistan. Booking in advance might unlock promotional rates or discounts. Conversely, last-minute bookings, especially during peak seasons, could lead to higher prices.

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Local Taxes and Fees

Local taxes and fees can add to the overall rental cost. These may include airport surcharges, city taxes, or other taxes imposed by local authorities. Be sure to inquire about these additional charges when estimating your budget.

Pocket-Friendly Daily Car Rental Rates in Pakistan With GoRide

Renting a car in Pakistan with GoRide.Pk is a cost-effective choice, and the following provides justification for its affordability on the basis of car type.


The cost for daylong rentals of economical vehicles such as Mehran, Cultus, and Alto, with driver, is approximately Rs. 3000.


Concerning luxury vehicles like Honda City and Toyota Corolla GLI/ XLI, the average per day cost in Pakistan with drivers is approximately Rs. 4500.

You can contact GoRide Pk to know the average per day cost of renting a car in Pakistan of your choice. Reaching out to this car rental service is a decision you’ll be glad you made.

With GoRide, you can travel to any city in Pakistan at an affordable average per day cost of renting a car regardless of your current location.Simply visit “” or give us a call at our UAN/WhatsApp number: 03-111-263-111.

Delight in a 10% Discount if We’re Behind Schedule!

We highly value your time, and as part of our commitment to excellence in car rental services, if our drivers ever exceed a 15-minute delay, you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount on your rental as our gesture of ensuring your satisfaction.

Rent a Car in Islamabad Price 

As it is evident that Islamabad is a city of busy professionals, having a car rental service becomes essential. With hectic schedules and the city’s traffic, having a reliable car on hand makes life easier. 

It means skipping the hassle of public transport, sticking to tight timelines, and getting around efficiently. A rented car with a driver gives professionals the freedom to focus on work without the stress of commuting, ensuring they can stay on top of their game in Islamabad’s fast-paced environment.

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Avail Best Car Rental Deals with GoRide

The issue in Islamabad was the lack of a pocket-friendly car rental service. However, GoRide.Pk (leading rent-a-car service in Islamabad) has successfully addressed this problem.

We have improved the overall travel experience for office workers, students, and other residents who previously faced challenges in commuting.

As a result of the accessibility and efficiency offered by GoRide, there has been a notable decline in the reliance on less safe transportation options like bikes. 

Our presence has played a crucial role in transforming the transportation scenario in Islamabad, making travel easier and safer for the city’s residents.

In Islamabad, the cost of renting affordable vehicles like the Suzuki Cultus for a full day, inclusive of a driver, is approximately Rs.3000. 

Limited Time Offer:

Originally rented at Rs 3500, we have now reduced it to just Rs 3000 as a sincere gesture towards valuing the hard-earned money of our cherished fellow Pakistanis.

Take Away 

In conclusion, choosing GoRide as your preferred car rental service in Pakistan not only ensures reliable and efficient transportation but also offers competitive pricing for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much does it cost to rent a car in Pakistan?

Ans: Renting a standard car in Pakistan is just Rs 3000 per day with GoRide. Contact them now for an affordable and reliable car rental service.

Q2: Why do you need to rent a car in Pakistan?

Ans: Renting a car in Pakistan is advantageous for tourists and travelers looking to explore diverse landscapes and historical sites with flexibility. 

Additionally, it proves beneficial for busy professionals, providing efficient and personalized transportation solutions for smooth schedule management, meeting attendance, and work commitments in various locations not easily accessible by public transportation.


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